iFormulate Protocol

iFormulate protocol is easy to follow as illustrated below.  Steps include ADD, STRESS, COLLECT DATA and Email data to data@iformulate.net for free DOE analysis and report.

1.  ADD your protein (preferably in a simple solution) 40 ul per well from a stock concentration of around > 5 mg/ml (dilution of protein is 5 X).  This gives you 1 mg/ml protein solution in each well.

2.  STRESS the protein in various formulations (common stress is heating 10 C below the melting temperature until it is about 30-50 % destabilized).

3.  COLLECT data from each well using your stability-indicating assay (e.g. protein aggregation, bioactivity, integrity, content, etc.)

4.  EMAIL data to data@iformulate.net and RECEIVE a DOE analysis report on Pareto analysis (ranking of key variables), optimal pH, ionic strength, stabilizer concentration, and buffer concentration.

5.  You can then validate the lead formulations proposed from the DOE data.

Please see the poster for how iFormulate is used in antibody formulation development.
iFormulate poster-AAPSNBC-2011